~Monitoring my goal

What’s my 6 week course goal?

It is to implement meditation practice of yoga and asana practice of yoga into my every day life ( with situations that don’t let me practice every day, at least every other day)

What can I do in this week so I am on track to achieve this goal?

I will do short yoga practice today, I will do meditation practice tomorrow, Saturday and also Sunday. I will reduce going out in the night including drinking alcohol, because that doesn’t benefit my yoga practice in any way, despite of being an Erasmus student…

What can I do today to achieve this weekly goal?

Today, I can do a 30 minute yoga asana practice and afterwards a short meditation. If I don’t manage to meditate today, I will meditate tomorrow morning. I will set my ‘yoga’ time for the mornings. I will always dedicate around half an hour to meditation or asana practice in the morning.

Will I have the motivation? What if I’m affected by my moods?

This, I believe, makes my practice a bit trickier. Motivation is easier to find if I’m thinking in the post effects of my practice and how much it will benefit me. But then, how do I struggle with my moods when they get bad, which always happens.. Motivation levels decrease and it can be even hard to socialise with people. But that should be eliminated by regular meditation and asana practice. So my goal depends on me..



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