~Wiring the pause

Hi yogis’,

so throughout the last days, I was supposed to monitor my need to use technology for unnecessary or pointless tasks…

I was supposed to pause every time I was about to take my phone or my laptop and take 5 slow deep breaths. Afterwards I had to observe the way my body and my mind feel and if there was any change, any physical sensations? How was my commitment to this task? Did the pause open up any clarity for me? Did I redirect my actions because of the pause? Do I take the deep breaths outside of this practice?


My mood was unstable and I was kind of generally fed up with social media. So when I took the 5 deep breaths, it cleared my mind a bit and twice out of 4 times I redirected my actions. Other times, I knew it was a message from my close friend from the Czech Republic who I miss a lot, so I didn’t resist.


My Tuesday was better than my Monday. But I still needed to breath several times a day. For me this breathing practice is not as new, because deep breathing is what I practice when I’m feeling very anxious and that’s how I fight my anxiety. On a Tuesday, I fought my intentions to unnecessarily browse on the phone 3 times out of 5. The times when I didn’t fight it and used the phone were when I felt like I maybe deserved it or that I’ve been good so far. Although I want to even improve that!


I’ve been better mainly thanks to having a very busy day and being excited about having a yoga class in the evening, so I managed 4 times out of 5. I was really observant about my use of technology.

I extended this practice. Today, I’m taking those breaths and I’m convinced I will continue doing this…

QUESTION MARK? Am I going to resist to view these blog posts on Facebook and see their popularity, hmm…?

Yogis’: How did you do with this practice and do you continue? I think it’s a very easy and at the same time efficient practice to implement in your life to observe changes!