~Reflecting on my goal

Hi lovely people from the course and from everywhere else,

Initially, my goal was to make my yoga practice regular…Subsequently, I had the intention to make both asana practice and meditation regular and dedicate some time in the morning to either of then every day. I have been really good with asana practice, although meditation costs my mind a lot and I only last a little..

  1. Why is your goal important to you? Will it be personally meaningful for you to reach your goal?
  2. Do you notice anything about your goal that you want to change? Does it need to be more specific? Does it need to be more aligned with your values? Maybe you’re pleased with your goal and it’s working out well for you. Journal about this experience and modify your goal as necessary.

Why is my goal important to me?

Well, I don’t want to take yoga/ meditation as something that will save me. Because the main step has to come from me. But I believe I should be concerned mainly for the reason of my mental health, which is not in the best conditions and regular practice of yoga really helps it as now I know well how to do most postures correctly. Although, like I mentioned before, there are periods of time, when I can’t make it regular..and if I try, I end up doing some practice quickly and not properly with savasana, and I hate doing this..

I think I notice with my goal to really give it a time with meditation and not every day, but every other day, but definitely same time. I want to be consistent at least in that. But it really costs my mind to deal with any meditation.as I used to practice meditation with Heartfulness and after my stay in Nicaragua I almost completely stopped because the environment in developing country somehow was hurting my spirituality and for 2 months I barely managed to do anything. But I believe practising compassion meditation and thankfulness will help my state of mind

At least I am consistent with my asana practice and I am constantly wanting to improve, watching course videos and giving a major importance to yoga in my life not only these days, but I believe that will continue after this course.. My problem has always been my general distraction and trying to put energy into various different things rather than focusing on a few of them and putting everything into those.